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  • Sunrise at Nobska Lighthouse

    Sunrise at Nobska Lighthouse

    Last weekend, I woke at 3:50am determined to witness the sunrise at Nobska Lighthouse on Cape Cod. Despite cloudy conditions, I captured the lighthouse in dramatic light before the sun broke through with soft hues of blue and gold. The morning transformed as sunlight bathed the landscape, highlighting the lighthouse’s enduring beauty. After the sunrise,…

  • Soft Hues At Duxbury Beach

    Soft Hues At Duxbury Beach

    Soft hues colored the late afternoon landscape during a walk at Duxbury Beach Reservation.

  • Upper College Pond Road

    Upper College Pond Road

    The beautiful and scenic Upper College Pond Road at Myles Standish State Forest in Carver, MA.

  • Fire Truck

    Fire Truck

    A fire truck at the Hull Fire Department Central Station in Hull, MA. The department responds to over 2,800 emergency calls annually, with services covering emergency medical response, water rescue, hazardous materials incidents, and technical rescue operations.

  • A Street Pier

    A Street Pier

    The A Street Pier and boat launch at sunset in Hull, Massachusetts. This photo was taken at the end of A street. The Boston skyline can be seen on the right corner of the image. This site is part of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, which focuses on protecting the waters of the…

  • 234 Berkeley

    234 Berkeley

    Designed by architect William Gibbons Preston, 234 Berkeley Street in Boston, MA has served various purposes over the years, from a commercial hub to a cultural center, adapting to the evolving needs of the city. Its interior boasts spacious halls adorned with elegant motifs and grand staircases. Formerly the home of the Museum of Natural…

  • Weir River Farm

    Weir River Farm

    Made a quick stop today at the Weir River Farm in Hingham, MA during sunset. Operated by the Trustees of Reservations, Weir River Farm serves as a working farm and conservation area. Visitors can enjoy various activities such as hiking, picnicking, and exploring the farm’s grounds. The farm is also home to a variety of…

  • Spinnaker Island Pier

    Spinnaker Island Pier

    A long exposure of Spinnaker Island Pier during sunset in Hull, Massachusetts. Situated on a small, man-made island in Hingham Bay, just off the coast of Hull, Spinnaker Island, once known as Hog Island, was purchased by a developer in the 1980s and transformed into a residential complex featuring condominiums and a marina, prompting the…

  • Minot Beach at Sunrise

    Minot Beach at Sunrise

    My previous attempts to capture Minot Beach at sunrise were unsuccessful by the relentless tidal waves and the bitter cold during the winter. However, with the arrival of warmer weather, I ventured out this Sunday morning armed with knowledge from the tidal chart. As the dawn light gradually transformed the sky into a canvas of…

  • Nut Island Fishing Pier

    Nut Island Fishing Pier

    The Nut Island Fishing Pier is great spot for sunrise and sunset views. Located at the very end of Quincy, in the Hough’s Neck peninsula, the pier offers panoramic vistas of the sun rising and setting over the shimmering waters of Boston Harbor. Its secluded location at the edge of Quincy provides a peaceful escape…