Hi, I’m Lee Costa

A hobbyist landscape photographer and a professional roof mechanic based on the South Shore of Massachusetts. When not on a roof, you will usually find me scouting for new photography spots or tinkering with my homelab.

My fascination with technology ignited in my early teens, but upon entering the roofing industry, I discovered a profound enjoyment for the trade. Nearly 20 years later, my passion remains strong, and I always find great satisfaction in helping others.

This is a place where I will share my latest adventures.


Photos are available to sale in a variety of sizes and can be conveniently delivered right to your door.

To make these prints a part of your space, simply drop me an email. I’d love to help you choose the perfect size and format for your needs.

While I don’t offer framing services, I believe that framing is a subjective choice. It allows you to tailor the presentation to your personal taste and the aesthetics of your space. I’m more than happy to offer recommendations and guidance on framing options, ensuring that your chosen print seamlessly integrates into your environment.

This website is dedicated to my wife and daughter. I will always love you ♥️