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  • Old World Entrance

    Old World Entrance

    A contrasting door, a splash of color against the aged stone facade, marks the entrance to an old church.

  • 234 Berkeley

    234 Berkeley

    Designed by architect William Gibbons Preston, 234 Berkeley Street in Boston, MA has served various purposes over the years, from a commercial hub to a cultural center, adapting to the evolving needs of the city. Its interior boasts spacious halls adorned with elegant motifs and grand staircases. Formerly the home of the Museum of Natural…

  • Linear Passage
  • Chicago: An Architectural Journey

    Chicago: An Architectural Journey

    Recently, I visited Chicago, and the city’s remarkable architecture made a lasting impact on me. The tall buildings fascinated me from the moment I arrived, each one telling a unique story of innovation, history, and artistic brilliance as they reached for the sky. As I strolled through the vibrant streets, I constantly looked upward, absorbing…

  • Eustis Estate Museum

    Eustis Estate Museum

    The Eustis Estate Museum, situated in Milton, Massachusetts, is a captivating historical family estate. At its core stands the mansion house once belonging to William Ellery Channing Eustis. This remarkable Late Victorian stone building, constructed in 1878, showcases the eclectic architectural brilliance of the renowned designer William Ralph Emerson. Occupying 110 acres of uplands in…

  • Old Stone Church

    Old Stone Church

    The construction of The Old Stone Church commenced in the early 1890s. It served as a replacement for the Baptist church lost in a devastating fire. Surprisingly, within a decade, the church faced abandonment due to the construction of a reservoir. However, owing to its captivating stone structure and potential as a scenic attraction, the…

  • Leyden Street

    Leyden Street

    Leyden Street, situated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, traces its origins back to 1620 when it was established by the Pilgrims. Boasting the distinction of being the oldest consistently inhabited street in the Thirteen Colonies of British America, it was initially designated as First Street. Subsequently, historical records referred to it as Great and Broad Street. In…

  • Union Point Hangar

    Union Point Hangar

    The Union Point (formerly known as the South Weymouth Naval Air Station) hangar, is a 33,000-square-foot former fighter-jet hangar located in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, numerous “No Trespassing” signs deterred me from exploring its interior. For more photos, visit my photography page!

  • Cohasset Lobster Pound

    Cohasset Lobster Pound

    A long exposure of the Cohasset Lobster Pound early in the morning. Skies were gray so a black & white processing style was a good fit. Cohasset, MA. For more photos, visit my photography page!

  • Boston from the Prudential Tower

    Boston from the Prudential Tower

    A view of Boston from the Prudential Tower during the holiday season. At first, I had a bit of trouble capturing the image due to the safety glass atop the building reflecting in the frame. So, my solution was to remove my lens hood, place the lens right against the glass, and use my hand…

  • Beacon Hill Flower Shop

    Beacon Hill Flower Shop

    A Beacon Hill Flower Shop during early morning hours. Boston, MA. For more photos, visit my photography page.

  • Neponset River at Lower Mills

    Neponset River at Lower Mills

    A view of the Neponset River at Lower Mills during sunrise, captured through the merging of three bracketed exposures in Lightroom. For more photos, visit my photography page.