Author: Lee

  • Eustis Estate Museum

    Eustis Estate Museum

    The Eustis Estate Museum, situated in Milton, Massachusetts, is a captivating historical family estate. At its core stands the mansion house once belonging to William Ellery Channing Eustis. This remarkable Late Victorian stone building, constructed in 1878, showcases the eclectic architectural brilliance of the renowned designer William Ralph Emerson. Occupying 110 acres of uplands in…

  • Old Stone Church

    Old Stone Church

    The construction of The Old Stone Church commenced in the early 1890s. It served as a replacement for the Baptist church lost in a devastating fire. Surprisingly, within a decade, the church faced abandonment due to the construction of a reservoir. However, owing to its captivating stone structure and potential as a scenic attraction, the…

  • Nauset Light

    Nauset Light

    Nauset Light has stood proudly since 1877, witnessing centuries of maritime history along the Atlantic coast. Originally located in Chatham, it was moved to Eastham in 1923 due to erosion concerns. The lighthouse served as a vital navigational aid, guiding ships safely through the treacherous waters around the Cape. Its distinctive white and red stripes…

  • Duxbury Pier Lighthouse

    Duxbury Pier Lighthouse

    The Duxbury Pier Lighthouse at sunset. In order to capture these photos, my wife and I drove to the very end (as far as we could) of Plymouth Long Beach and walked the rest of the way. From that point, I sent out my drone about a half mile to the lighthouse. We were delighted…

  • Driftway Conservation Park

    Driftway Conservation Park

    Sunset over Driftway Conservation Park in Scituate, MA. In the 1930s, Boston Sand and Gravel owned the property and mined it for projects such as the construction of Logan International Airport. Remnants of an old wharf, which was built to aid in the transport of sand via barge to Boston, are seen reflecting on the…

  • Leyden Street

    Leyden Street

    Leyden Street, situated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, traces its origins back to 1620 when it was established by the Pilgrims. Boasting the distinction of being the oldest consistently inhabited street in the Thirteen Colonies of British America, it was initially designated as First Street. Subsequently, historical records referred to it as Great and Broad Street. In…

  • Dock Pilings

    Dock Pilings

    Long exposure of dock pilings on a very cold and windy morning, using a 6-stop Neutral Density filter to extend the exposure time and achieve the blurred water and sky. For more photos, visit my photography page.

  • Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary: A Sunny Day Stroll

    Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary: A Sunny Day Stroll

    Today, I decided to venture out to the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, eagerly seeking the sun’s warmth for the first time in nearly two weeks of persistent clouds and rain. For more photos, visit my photography page.

  • Ice Blocks at Cleveland Pond

    Ice Blocks at Cleveland Pond

    Concrete blocks resembling ice were spotted near the dam at Cleveland Pond in Ames Nowell State Park in Abington, Massachusetts. This scene marked one of the coldest days of the week, during which the pond was nearly frozen solid. To capture the dramatic atmosphere, I opted for a long exposure. To achieve this perspective, I…

  • Winter Path

    Winter Path

    A winter path at John Little Conservation Area: The recent snow created a beautiful winter wonderland-like scene.