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  • Minot Beach at Sunrise

    Minot Beach at Sunrise

    My previous attempts to capture Minot Beach at sunrise were unsuccessful by the relentless tidal waves and the bitter cold during the winter. However, with the arrival of warmer weather, I ventured out this Sunday morning armed with knowledge from the tidal chart. As the dawn light gradually transformed the sky into a canvas of…

  • Musquashcut Pond Sunrise

    Musquashcut Pond Sunrise

    Sunrise over Musquashcut Pond in Scituate MA.

  • Lobster Boats at Scituate Harbor

    Lobster Boats at Scituate Harbor

    Three lobster boats are quietly anchored in Scituate Harbor. I chose to turn the photo black and white to highlight the intricate details, especially on the boats. The soft morning light further accentuated these details, making the scene even more captivating.

  • Driftway Conservation Park

    Driftway Conservation Park

    Sunset over Driftway Conservation Park in Scituate, MA. In the 1930s, Boston Sand and Gravel owned the property and mined it for projects such as the construction of Logan International Airport. Remnants of an old wharf, which was built to aid in the transport of sand via barge to Boston, are seen reflecting on the…

  • Musquashcut Brook

    Musquashcut Brook

    Musquashcut Brook during early morning hours. Scituate, MA. For more photos, visit my photography page!

  • Shadows at Scituate Harbor

    Shadows at Scituate Harbor

    Early morning shadows at Scituate Harbor. Opting to adequately expose the sky while letting everything else remain in shadow turned out to be a wise decision. For more photos, visit my photography page.

  • Stairs at Minot Beach

    Stairs at Minot Beach

    An early morning view of the stairs that lead to the ocean at Minot Beach in Scituate, Massachusetts. For more photos, visit my photography page.

  • Sunrise over Scituate Harbor

    Sunrise over Scituate Harbor

    Some amazing colors right before sunrise over Scituate Harbor. For more photos, visit my photography page.

  • Harvest Moon Over Old Scituate Light

    Harvest Moon Over Old Scituate Light

    The Harvest Moon graced the skies today, casting its luminous glow over Old Scituate Light. This celestial spectacle marks the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, a celestial event steeped in enchantment. Typically appearing anywhere from two weeks before to two weeks after the commencement of fall, the Harvest Moon captivates observers…