Stop “sda: failed to get udev uid: Invalid argument” messages on Ubuntu (vmware)

I recently ran into an issue after deploying a new Ubuntu VM where the following message would spam my syslog server every 5 seconds:

sda: failed to get udev uid: Invalid argument
sda: failed to get sgio uid: No such file or directory

Turns out these are multipathd messages that VMware began reporting in the operating system a while back and the following resolution can safely be applied:

  1. Login to ESXi and locate the VM
  2. Click edit
  3. Under “VM Options”, locate “Advanced”
  4. Under “Configuration Parameters” click on “Edit Configuration”
  5. Click on “Add parameter” and a new empty field will populate
  6. Click on the new “key” field and input disk.EnableUUID
  7. Finally, click on the “value” field and input TRUE

Click Ok and save. Now you must shutdown the VM and start it back up in order for changes to take effect.

The messages should now stop appearing in the logs.

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